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  • What are you doing to ensure the safety of your customers and employees?
    As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and businesses around the world, we are taking extra steps to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff. This includes increased facility cleaning, providing more access to hand sanitizers, adjustments to our warehouse configuration to create appropriate distance between employees, and virtual workspaces, when appropriate. We are also encouraging all of our employees to be mindful of their health, and embrace healthy habits such as increased hand washing to slow the spread of the virus, as well as encouraging them to stay home if displaying symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus. My Personal Santa is also supplying our staff masks and gloves to be worn while packaging shipments to our customers and when they are within close proximately of other staff members.
  • Will there be any changes with operations at My Personal Santa due to the COVID-19 outbreak?
    Due to COVID-19, shipping delays can be expected. Warehouse staff and hours are limited during this time, and delays have also been reported by many shipping carriers. My Personal Santa will communicate when an item is shipped and tracking will be provided.
  • How does My Personal Santa keep the toy prices so low?
    Mr. and Mrs. Claus wants everyone to have access to toys at prices they can afford. In order to keep prices down, supplies may be limited so that we do not need to maintain a large warehouse. In addition, My Personal Santa works with national retailers to get overstock and shelf-pull merchandise, this allows for lower pricing. However, this also means when a stock item is gone, we may not be able to reorder it. In addition, packaging of the item may show some minor wear if it was a shelf pull.
  • What is overstock and shelf-pulls?
    Overstock - Overstock merchandise is new, never-been-purchased items that large retailers sell to smaller retailers at a discounted price. National retailers do this when they consider the on-hand stock levels of any particular item to be excessive. Shelf-Pulls - Shelf-Pull merchandise is new, never-been-purchased items that were at one time on a store shelf. My Personal Santa works with National Retailers to get items that they pulled from their shelves in order to make room for brand-new merchandise. Please be assured that My Personal Santa only sells new, never-been-purchased merchandise.
  • Why is there a $2.00 handling fee with each order?
    The $2 handling fee helps pay for the extra magic each package receives. My Personal Santa wants to ensure that prices remain low for all toys, but we also want to provide that extra touch of magic, including North Pole lables, stamps, boxes and tissue paper.
  • What are the shipping costs for My Personal Santa?
    Our shipping fees are as follows: Flat shipping fee: $10 - for all orders $74.99 or less Free shipping - for all orders $75.00 or more
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