Getting to Know Santa

Give your child the gift of magic with My Personal Santa. Keep the belief alive with gifts directly from him. Whether it is a physical gift, like a package delivery from the North Pole, or a digital gift, like a live chat with Santa, your child will continue to believe in the magic. 

Each gift also promotes good behavior through positive reinforcement. Every child wants to make sure they are on the good list, so why not show them how great they have been, by giving them something that proves it. 

Keeping the Magic Alive!

Story from a Parent

A parent once told me that she spent $1,000's a year, for over ten years in a row, to ensure her child saw the "real" Santa Claus yearly. As many know, Santa is extremely busy and has a lot of helpers; he can't possibly be everywhere at once. This mom thought however, if her son saw the same Santa every year, it would keep the magic alive a lot longer. Every year they would travel to the most magical place on Earth to see Santa. She loved watching the excitement grow on her son's face as he walked towards that familiar rosy-cheeked face. 

It was that story that helped spawn "My Personal Santa". Why not bring the magic of Santa, without making parents spend $1,000's to get it. With My Personal Santa, you get the same Santa, the "real" Santa, which helps promote the magic of the season. With My Personal Santa you can...

  • Get personalized Christmas items, like a signed "Nice List Certificate" from Santa himself

  • Schedule time with Santa through video chats - it's 2020 after all

  • Order items directly from the North Pole, like Santa's specially-blended Hot Cocoa 

  • See the same Santa Claus everywhere you go

  • Use positive reinforcement to promote good behavior

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NEW in 2020!


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