Pog Retro Kaps 2-Player Starter Set Game Includes:

30 Pogs & 2 Slammers

Varied Styles



  • 30 Pogs
  • 2 Slammers


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  • Pog Retro Kaps Booster Pack Game Includes: 10 Pogs & 1 Slammer
  • Each Booster Pack Set contains 10 Random Pogs and 1 Random Plastic Holographic Slammers.
  • There are over 100 Pog designs and 50 Slammer designs to try and collect in the series one collection. Try and collect them all! Look for Booster Packs , 2-Player Starter Sets , Storage Tube Sets & Ultimate Gift Sets in stores near you to complete your collection. Rules on how to play are included. For Ages 5 & up.
  • Retro Kaps- also called Milk Caps or Pogs, is a game that was popular among kids during the mid 1990's. The craze started in Hawaii and quickly spread across the world! UCC Distributing is now bringing them back for a whole new generation to enjoy!
  • Parents who Collected & played this popular game in the 90's can now teach their own kids how to play! It's a gr