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Hasbro Don't Step in It

Reindeer Edition Game



  • Game Board
  • Playing Tokens and Cards


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  • MSRP: $7.99
  • Amazon Price: $9.99
  • My Personal Santa Price: $7.00




  • Adult assembly required.
    Notice to parents: Contains wheat. Nontoxic.


  • The reindeer are in town and they've left a few presents along the way.


  • It's a holiday-themed edition of the Don't Step in it! game. While blindfolded, players take turns smacking down on the snowflakes that have been randomly spread on a table, and then collecting them for the win. But watch out! Little piles of soft compound, molded in the shape of reindeer poop have been strategically placed around the snowflakes.


  • If players smoosh a poop their turn is over. The player who collects the most snowflakes wins the game. Players can use their feet, too, by placing the snowflakes on a vinyl or tile floor and placing the poops on the snowflakes. Who can walk through them without smooshing a poop while blindfolded?


  • This laugh-out-loud game is a fun game for families, ages 4 and up, and is easy to play.

Hasbro's Don't Step in It - Reindeer Edition Game

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